Our Best Practices

Our Best Practices

We adhere to best practices which in turn create best products. These practices help us in maintaining the best standards and quality control.

  • X-RAYS OF MOULDED PLUGS - Every day 10 Power Cord Plugs & Sockets X-Rayed to confirm correct inside construction.
  • LEAN MANUFACTURING PRACTICES IMPLEMENTATION - Lean manufacturing cluster implementation along with the support of ELCINA.
  • REGULAR RELIABILITY TESTING - Periodic In-house Reliability Testing of all manufactured products.

Production Line

All our production lines are state of the art units in accordance with international standards and floor meets all the requisite guidelines in terms of complete ergonomy of workforce.

Machines and Tools

The management has always invested in the best and latest machines and tools to meet the changing demand of the industry. Regular upgradation of plant and machinery is the key aspect of this organization. It helps us in providing best quality of products to our customers.

  • Machines for Wire and Cable Manufacturing
  • Wire Bunching Machine (Taiwan)
  • State of the art Wire Extruding Lines (Taiwan)

Automatic Wire Cutting, Stripping & Both ends Crimping Machine.

  • Alpha 433 Machine
  • Gamma 235 Machine
  • Komax Machines (Switzerland)
  • New Automatic Wire Cutting Machine To Produce Compressor Harness For LG
  • Testing Equipment
  • DC Bias Tester
  • Transformer Tester
  • Impulse Tester
  • XRF Testing for RoHS Compliance
  • Digital Push Pull Tester
  • Plug Flexing Tester
  • Elongation Tester
  • Integrated Cable & Plug Tester
  • Tensile Strength Tester

Equipment & Utility for Inspection of Miniature Crimping

  • Digital High Resolution Camera for Visual Inspection with Monitor(Taiwan)
  • Crimping Analyzer
  • Wires, Cables & Plug Testing Laboratory
  • In-house Reliability Testing Lab
  • Programmable Temperature & Humidity Chamber
  • Programmable Thermal Shock Tester
  • Salt Spray Tester

Environment, Health & Safety

  • All planning regarding Manufacturing, Expansion done considering Minimum Damage to our Environment, Health of each individual & safety of everyone.
  • Our customer SAMSUNG has Audited our Premises & Awarded compliance of 94 Points out of 100 checked.

What lies ahead…

The management of the company is committed to upgrading both in terms of plant & machinery as well as certifications. As Continual Improvement of Quality & Production Capacity Enhancement Program, Company is Investing in following projects:

  • Conveyor system for manufacturing Wire Harness
  • Other International Certification for Manufacturing of Plugs & Cable for Power Cords like VDE etc.
  • Installation of Copper Wire Drawing Machines to increase Capacity of Wires & Cable Manufacturing.

Financial Stability

Financial prudence is the real backbone of any organization if it wishes to reach the pinnacle of success in the long run. We feel pride in letting people know that we an absolute Zero Debt Company. We enjoy and decent and fruitful relationship with our bankers. By virtue of this are able to put a strong foot forward and the management is already investing for the future to acquire latest trends, techniques and infrastructure. The company has a strong assets of over $ 8 million. The world class manufacturing arena of the company is over 80,000 square feet combined together.

International Acumen

We are a responsible and reliable partner for our clients by following international guidelines and procedures.

  • Outstanding delivery record with International Companies.
  • Working and performing to highest and minuscule International Standards.
  • Following JIT (Just-in-Time) philosophy of Inventory Management.

Our Valued Partners in Progress

Our Customers are well known brands visible right there in your offices, homes and public places. They are our prized possession. Serving them makes us feel proud and elated. We have been adequately certified and awarded by our customers from time to time for our product quality and delivery schedule. Their awards are medals on our chest and we adore them immensely. Our Supply Chain Partners provide us leading supply chain solutions that integrate systems, processes and people to deliver the greatest value & proposition in the most efficient way possible. In recognition of our contributions, many leading organizations have awarded us for adopting and implementing an effective supply chain management.

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